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Health Clinic Management System (Cms) Has Been Developed Keeping In Mind Small To Mid-Sized Hospitals. Cms Helps Doctors Automate Their Day-To-Day Activities With Its Very User Friendly Interface And Very Simple Flow. This Ensures Easy Adaptability To The Application While Getting Its Required Job Done. Now no more paper work!

We have

  • Clinic Management System For Dentists
  • Clinic Management System For Ophthalmologists
  • Clinic Management System For Gynecologists & Radiologists

Health Care

We help you focus on your core business to deliver the highest quality of care by making your operations more effective and efficient, while enabling process transformation through innovative digital solutions and services.

We enable you to handle competing priorities and manage more customer volumes without heavy capital investment or operating costs. Our Clinic Management System has been designed to simplify the day to day operations for you. Many clinics around the country are using our solution because of our ability to streamline processes, create value and demonstrate reliability.

Life Sciences

Medical Devices is one of the fastest growing industry segments in the Global Health and Wellness Industry. It is estimated that by the year 2014 Medical Devices would be a $450 billion industry. The demand for devices from emerging markets is increasing by the day. The key segments that are contributing to this growing demand are Homecare, Remote Monitoring & Diagnosing.

How we can help?

Utilizing our integrated portfolio of consulting, software development, software and hardware testing and business process outsourcing services, we are in a position to meet the demands of an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. We can help you solve any software challenges you may have across platforms. Work with us so that you can focus on your core business to deliver the highest quality of care, while enabling us to take care of your software systems and services.

We are a One-stop shop for software application development, maintenance, testing of software as well as hardware services for medical devices. We provide independent Validation and Regulatory Compliance Services.

Hardware Testing

  • Reliability testing of medical devices
  • Validating and certifying medical devices
  • Device capacity testing
  • Medical Device firmware testing